9 Ways to Fund Your Music Career as an Emerging Artist

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When upcoming artistes are starting their musical career, they usually have it rough. This is so most especially in the financial angle. As emerging artist finance is required for studio times, album releases, and more. It is hard to achieve these if you do not have strong music funding or financial support.

There are ways emerging artists can overcome this challenge. We have revealed in this post how upcoming artists can establish a source of revenue generations to build and strengthen their careers. To find out continue reading this article.

Leave Out Middlemen

For aspiring artists, it has become a common practice for them to climb their way through the ladder in the music industry through intermediaries. For example, some platforms allow artists to sell their musical projects digitally. They are not allowed to sell the song(s) directly to the consumers but only through the middlemen.

These platforms have fantastic built-in infrastructures to promote the songs but the profits from the sales are shared. This may leave the artist with less cash to finance their music career. The aim should be to find a way to sell the song(s) directly to an audience.

Find a Patron

There is a tradition of patronage in the music world. Most of the popular and established artists today would not have reached where they if not for the assistance of patrons. There are art institutions that are willing to lend emerging artists financial support to fast-track their career. These institutions include art museums and more. As long as you have musical talent and a mapped out plan for your musical career, you can liaise with any of them to merge with other talents. Ensure that the patron will help you build your career before collaborating with them.

Upload Your Work to the Web

As an emerging artist, you need exposure and recognition just as fire needs oxygen to burn. One of the easiest ways to get words across about your music career is by uploading your music videos on social media channels. Chances are high that you will come across patrons or sponsors on any of these channels. When your social media platform starts gaining recognition, you might commercialize them and start generating profits.

Finding a Rewarding Side Job

However, it is hard securing music funding or supporting yourself financially when coming up through ladder rungs as a musician. Finding a side hustle can help you generate money to support yourself. Consider a job that is flexible to allow you to maintain a touring schedule and other professional responsibilities attached to your music career. While searching for a job, go for one that is rewarding. You do not want to take up a job that will not give you the money to support your music career.

Always Stay Positive

There are bound to be up and down moments pursuing the growth of your music career. In the midst of all these, you should always have a positive mindset in building your career. Feel good about the impacts you are making and the shape your career is taking. Have the mindset that Rome was not built in a day. It takes dedication, perseverance, hard work, and passion to make it to the big stage in the music industry.

Live Shows

For independent artists, performing live shows is one of the veritable ways of generating finance. Nearly all musicians generate money in this way. Places you can perform and live show include colleges, bars, coffee shops, music festivals, and more. In addition to performing live shows to generate money, this will be an opportunity to spread your name and build your fan base which is necessary for music artists. Perform live shows where you will be paid enough to support your career.

Fan Subscriptions

Fan subscriptions are fees that fans pay to be able to access music content. These fees are recurring and must be paid if fans want to have access to contents such as the latest releases of an artist. Fans subscriptions can be highly rewarding as your fans through making subscriptions offers you the finance needed to grow your career. This finance generating strategy is more mouthwatering if you have a huge fan base. You can generate the desired amount of revenue through it.


Search for loans for musicians that are desired to help emerging artists. Before you begin this you have to position your music to take the shape of a business. Establish your goals to be understandable in a way that financial institutions will be able to grasp them and grant you loans. In some places, governments create loan granting schemes to help build business start-ups. You can search for one in your area.

Produce Top Quality Work

To be able to go far in your music career, you have to churn out fantastic songs. Your music projects have to be creative and appealing. Without this, not many aspiring musicians go far in the business. Your works have to be original, unique, entertaining and can be related to. If you want to attract investors and sponsors give them a good reason to invest in you through the release of outstanding musical works.

There you have it! Above are some ways to finance your music career as an emerging artist. Starting your musical career is never an easy undertaking. You need all the help you can get to get started. For the financial aspect, you can find a patron, perform at live shows, seek for loan grants, fan subscription, and more. Also, ensure that you always produce top quality work. By following the tips above, you can set yourself up for success in your music career.

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