How to Choose a Stage Name

Finding the band name that suits you

You’re at the stage when you have finally found the right people to join your group. You’ve already started making music and practicing and just when you’re ready to introduce yourselves to the world, you realize that you haven’t even come up with the name yet. How do you look for a solid name that your future fans can remember? Where will you get the name that will be associated with your music career?

Admittedly, coming up with a band name is not easy. You are all going to be known with that so it is important to carefully decide on which name to choose. We only want the best for your band so, we've gathered some of the best tips in choosing your stage band name.


8 Tips for creating a unique band name 

1) Easy to remember - Almost everything on the net nowadays. But when people want to look for you, you don’t want them to look for ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ which is something that people even rarely use. Decide on a band name that people would easily remember so it would be easier for them to find and follow you.

2) Something that is suited to the kind of music that you make - If you’re a rock band, having “ Soiled Doves” as a name might not be a good idea. 

3) Combination of your names

4) An animal theme has always one of the top choices- We always love animals and having a name associated with it would work as a popular choice - Bands like Def Leppard, Gorillaz, Arctic Monkeys, and Scorpion have chosen to name their bands after animals. Now think about names that haven’t been taken yet. The Red Cheetah maybe? Or something with Civet. Think about any animal that you’d like.

5) Places that you usually go - Here’s a trivia, Linkin Park was named after “Lincoln Park” in Sta Monica California because Chester would always drive by this place on his way to practice so it caught his attention. So having your hometown or the place where you’d always practice as a band name would be a cool choice.

6) Name of someone you admire most - This does not necessarily need to be the name of your lover unless you want to go that way. It could be anyone. Pearl Jam used to be called “Mookie Blaylock” named after a famous basketball player. 

7) A Name from Classic Literature - Among the popular bands who selected this option are Of Mice and Men taken from John Steinbeck’s work, “Sixpence”, None the Richer from C.S Lewis’ book, “Mere Christianity” and Moby from “Moby Dick”

8)Band Name Generators - When you’re done exhausting your effort to pick a good name for your band, this might be the last option to consider. There are thousands of names that are available out there so you’d have multiple options to choose the best the name that’s fitted for you.


Once you come up with a stage band name, make sure to check if no band is using the same. Search the internet, look for the name in search and music websites and social media pages. You can also look for it in a website registry called, just add TLDs (.com, .net,) If your name does not pop, the same website would tell you if you can have your website registered. You also need to get a service mark - Use the name in interstate commerce, associate your name to the minds of the public so whenever they hear your songs, they would know that it’s you. Lastly, have it registered.

We hope you’ll be able to come up with a stage band name using these techniques. We can’t wait to see your stage band name being published soon!