How to Create an Artist Bio

Although coming up with a catchy bio is  not as equally important as creating great music, it plays a great role in letting people know your story. What’s the story behind your album? Why should they choose you  among thousands out there? In other words, why would they spend money on you?

We get it, you’re not a writer and creating your bio is not that easy either. It’s like selling yourself to the world. You may be doing it out of passion but you have to remember you are as well doing business. And since you are, you have to know how to market your music so it would sell. And creating a great bio is one of the many ways to market your music to your audience.

Use Quotes

To set the mood, you may start your bio with a quote. It can be from a book, a lyric from one of your songs or from any person that you think would fit into the kind of message that you want to deliver to your audience. 

Career Highlights and Achievements 

Adding your distinctions in your bio will make you look more credible as an artist. Chances are, people would think that you are indeed serious in your craft and an artist who’s worth their time and money.

So think about what you’ve achieved as an artist -  How you attended a big festival? Had a sold out concert or been nominated for an award? 

Pick the most impressive highlights and don’t bombard your audience with all your distinctions.


Making it Your Story

Putting how you came up up with your album or what sets you apart from the rest of the musicians out there who are also trying to sell their albums would also work to entice people to  be your future fans. It’s not necessary to make it lengthy. One to two paragraphs will work.

New Projects

Giving your fans updates on your tours, albums, new songs or projects that you are working on are all important just to give your fans or new fans updates on what makes you busy as an artist