How to Make Money as a Musician: 5 Effective Ways

how to make money as a musician


Musicians birthed the struggling artist narrative. How to make money as a musician is a common thought for anyone striving to make a name for themselves. The good news is it can be done.

Though the 19.1 billion dollar music industry's a grind at first, there are many ways to make money as a musician. It's important to surround yourself with those who feel the same.

Whether you're new to music or sing in your sleep, entering the industry's another ball game. An ever-growing society means the definition of success is always changing. Endless opportunities make for more competition.

If money's keeping you from chasing your dreams, these steps can help that dream come true. Here's how to make money in the music industry.

1. Fund the Crowd, Reach Out

It's hard to make money without investing some at first. Reach out to your community to raise some funds for your brand. Gaining personal fans—through friends and family—is a good start for your community.

2. Have Music, Make Music

It's important to juggle brand-building with music-making. You won't get very far networking if you don't have samples to share.

Organizing how to spend your days can help you balance making contacts versus making music.

3. Social Media Presence

Social media is the ultimate marketing opportunity. Having the right social media platforms for musicians may be different than those for other creatives. Get clear about which platforms people can find you on.

93% of social media marketers increase exposure to their business. More exposure means more money!

Successful online platforms can also help you gain investors, sponsorships, and popularity. Be sure not to overcommit to too many channels. Think quality over quantity.

4. Say YES to Opportunity

No matter how small the offer, the word yes is your friend. Building community equals notoriety. If that means teaching guitar lessons, playing at open mics, and busking, everything's an opportunity for more exposure.

5. Be Accessible

People want to know the person behind the music. Have a website, cards on hand to give out, and an email list for close followers. Being accessible on YouTube, Spotify, email, and in-person makes for a memorable, profitable musician.

Connections translate into loyal fans and consistent sales. Selling merchandise and EP's can turn into tickets to upcoming shows! If people feel connected to you, your offerings are an easy sell. 

Make Money as a Musician Starting Today

If you're asking yourself how to make money with music, remember you're really selling you. What do you have to offer? Selling music's a good start, but selling your brand makes a career. 

Once you're clear about your mission, the ideas will flow and the sales will follow. 

Successful musicians honor the process and the product. When it comes to how to make money as a musician, expect dedication, ambition, and a worthwhile hustle.

If you know you've got what it takes, apply for a loan to launch your music dreams today!