How to Market Your Music Independently

As an independent musician who is still starting a career in music, one of your many questions might be “ How can my music reach more people?” 

Your music is important and so is creating strategies to make it more marketable. Now let’s take a look at some of the best strategies on how to market your music as an independent artist. 

Create great music

With a lot of musicians out there who are also trying to market their music independently including those with record labels, you need to just do everything to make your music stand out. In your business, your product is music. Creating high-quality content and letting people listen to something that is (as much as possible) new should be considered as a top priority. Don’t be afraid to experiment and be creative as much as possible.

Establish an Active Social Media Presence

 This is absolutely important in today’s digital age. Creating social media pages and great content will drive people to visit your pages. Make it a habit to post regularly. Fans would always want to know the latest updates about the songs that you are doing and even the stories behind them. Use these platforms to establish a connection with your fans. On Twitter and Instagram for example, you can like a comment or even RT and post a comment. 

 Take advantage of the chance to play live

 A lot of people may already be hooked on social media nowadays and some artists may have been discovered through those platforms but that doesn't mean you should ignore the chances of performing live. Showcasing what you can offer to your future fans may it be through local community gigs and concerts, is a great way for more people to discover you. So grab that chance to perform and make it always your best performance. 

 Build a website and email list

Your website will serve as a backbone that will support your efforts in marketing your music.Everything that you need people to know including how your band was formed, your inspirations in creating music, your upcoming gigs and where people can listen to your songs should be placed on your website. It should serve as a “ go-to” place where your fans can visit in case they would like to get updates. Having a great website is also one of the most effective ways to build credibility with your fans. It should house all the information that your fans need to know and the reasons why they should listen to your music.

Get Playlisted on Spotify

Millions of people around the world use Spotify so having your music playlisted on this platform will give you a boost as a musician. Start by creating a Spotify for artists profile then think about the song that you absolutely love millions of people to listen to and submit it. It would work out great if you submit it weeks before it will be released as there are thousands of songs that the curators would have to listen to on a daily basis so it may take time before they can listen to your song. Submit the best song that you have made and once it’s playlisted, spread the good news on your website and in all your social media pages to drive people to listen to your song.