Music Marketing: 5 Tips Every Musician Needs to Know

music marketing

You can expand your fanbase with the right marketing plan.

According to research, Americans spend four hours per day listening to music. As a musician, you likely have a dream of sharing your music with fans. You can reach your goal by marketing your music smarter.

Keep reading to learn more about music marketing. Here are five tips every musician needs to know.

1. Know Your Audience

Before you invest in marketing, you need to know where it’ll go the furthest. Spend time figuring out who listens to your music, the age range, and where they’re based. This information will come in handy for your digital marketing efforts too.

Knowing your audience will ensure you’re marketing the right way.

2. Share With Third-Parties

You’ll go further by sharing your music across third-party websites in addition to your own. These can be playlists, blogs, press outlets, and social media accounts. To do so, you’ll need to write an artist bio and press release to pitch.

When you’re ready to share, start with the places that can amplify your voice.

3. Utilize Digital Marketing

Digital marketing makes it easy to reach your target audience and maximize your marketing efforts. Forbes shared the following major label digital marketing tips:

  • Understand the purpose of marketing digitally
  • Utilize influencers
  • Know your fans

Grow your audience with technology. Focus at least one hour per day to your digital marketing efforts.

4. Monetize Your Website

If you haven’t already, you should create and monetize a musician website. Unlike social media, your voice won’t be held back, you’ll create a revenue stream, and you’ll build a loyal fanbase. You can sell your music, merch, and ad space.

Monetizing your website will help you gain, maintain, and share with your dedicated fans.

5. Review and Adjust

Track your marketing efforts and goals to review later. This will help you decide if your marketing plan is working, or if you need to adjust and try again. You can track online visitors, digital marketing reach, social media following, listeners on playlist platforms, and more with third-party platforms.

How well you market will have a lasting effect on your music career, so take time often to review your marketing results.

Funding Music Marketing

Marketing your music can be a costly investment. If you need help covering the cost, you should consider getting funding for musicians. Apply now online for musician funding.

The application process is free and there’s no obligation required. Get ahead by investing in yourself with help. This will ensure you get to enjoy the benefit of seeing a return on investment in no time.

Reach Your Goals

Don’t let anything hold you back from chasing your dreams. You can use this as a guide to music marketing. These five tips every musician needs to know will help you reach your goals.

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