Staying Focused on One Genre


“Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.”   - Denis Diderot

How to Choose

Choosing a career in music involves a lot of sacrifices that without that burning passion in music, you as a musician would rather take a different path. But you didn’t wake up one day to realize that after all that’s the career that you want, did you?  For most people, the love for doing music usually kicks in early. It starts with liking a particular genre to eventually doing it and getting used to it even when you already decide to have music as a career. And because you do something out of love, it is never impossible for people to begin liking what you do. You may not notice it but some would fall for your style. You play the same genre for as long as you can remember and later on you start to think of maybe trying something else. 

But as a music artist,  you’re faced with some of the biggest questions in your career. What can you do to keep that burning flame within at the same time still keep your fans entertained? Should you stick to one genre or eventually- try experimenting? 

Let’s find out...


Reasons Why You Should Stick to One Genre

It helps establish loyal fans - Your fans first fell for your music because they particularly like your style. Sticking to it means making your art  a ‘safe haven’ to those who enjoy your music

 It creates Stability -  Changing your style into something that you are not used to doing might distract your focus as a musician. So if you think you’re not ready for the change yet,  might as well stick to the genre that you are used to.

Reasons Why You Should NOT

Generate more fans -  Although there are those fans who expect the same style from you and may not feel comfortable with you trying something else,  it may not also be a bad idea to let them hear something different. Because who knows? They may love you more. 

You may feel comfortable playing only one genre but sticking to it might limit you to fans who also like the same genre and worse, these people might turn their back from your music soon as they grow tired and sick of your style. Not all people like the same type of music but if you decide to take a risk by trying to play different styles, chances are, you will gain more fans.

Make them more marketable -  Having more people who would look up to your music means more people who would subscribe to your social media pages, buy your album and merchandise or do all means to spend money for you.

Improve musicianship -  Trying out different genres may enhance your skills in music as you will have to learn different instruments and techniques. Combining those means who knows, your first big hit.