The Best Way to Find Art Investment Funds for Your Music Career

art investment funds


It can be hard to be an artist. We all want creative content, and we all listen to music. But how many people want to invest in the musical artists that produce it?

If you are a musician trying to find art investment funds, you know the answer is that is it tough to find funding, no matter how good you might be.

Keep reading for some tips on how to find investors for your music!

Finding Art Investment Funds

The idea of the starving artist is getting old! It's not easy to get started as a musician or other artist, but it also doesn't mean that you've got to sacrifice your well-being to pursue an artistic career. 

Check out these tips that you can start acting on today.

Tell a Compelling Story

Regardless of where you plan to seek investments (and we'll cover that more later), you need to tell a good story about yourself.

Stories have always been the most powerful way to communicate with people. Humans are born to tell and listen to stories.

Think about TV shows like America's Got Talent. There are lots of talented people that audition and complete, but it always seems like the ones who make it far are the ones with compelling stories

But in the social media age, you don't have to be on television to get your story out to tons of potentially interested fans. You can do it on your own through Twitter, Tiktok, and other social media outlets.

This builds interest and awareness and is crucial to getting people to the point where it makes sense for them to invest. 

The key is to frame your music and personal story in an interesting way. Perhaps you're 80 years old and just now getting into music. That's perfect! Maybe you're connecting your music with a political or social movement. Perhaps you have an unlikely partnership. All these create interest. 

Promote Yourself

Many musicians just want to play their music. They don't want to self-promote or "sell-out," whatever that means. 

But it isn't inauthentic to self-promote. It's essential! 

Unless your lucky enough to be Beyonce, Taylor Swift, or John Legend, you likely need to be the first to promote and sell yourself. After all, if you don't have that confidence, it is likely that others will be hesitant to want to invest in your music. 

It's not fun for everyone, but remember that everyone else is also doing it, so it doesn't have to be embarrassing or unpleasant! Maybe you'll even find it fun!

So, post your music! Post a video! Talk about your process! All of this helps create buzz and a sense of authenticity and storytelling, which is what people want to see in 2020. It helps us feel connected to each other and invested in the story.

Hopefully, that feeling of investment leads to actual dollars invested, too. 

Look At Several Sources 

There are lots of potential sources for investment. Don't forget to first check with yourself! What can you bring to the table on your own? Obviously you'll need to be cautious and not spend every cent you have. You have to eat! 

But, you may need to be your own first investor. That leads to others.

You could even get lucky and come across a true believer in your music who will be moved to provide large investment once hearing your story and music. Don't count on these "angel investors," though. 

More likely, you'll need to do some work and research to find companies or individuals willing to take a bit of a risk. We can help you with this. We exist to try to connect lenders with aspiring musicians. 

Don't forget about your generous relatives and friends, too. It can be awkward to ask them, but if you believe in yourself they just might believe in your abilities, too.

If you are working outside the U.S. there might be some public funding available for artists through various arts councils. This really isn't a thing inside the U.S. unfortunately. 

Remember, these are all investments, though, and you should be prepared to make their investment worth their while once you do begin to bring in some revenue. People want to see a return on their investment. 

Keep At It

Whether you sign up with us to connect with lenders or not, you might find that not everyone will invest the way you want. Some might reject you.

This is okay! 

You don't provide money for everyone that asks you either, do you? We all get requests for donations or investments, and, for the most part, we throw them away.

Don't be too offended if people don't want to invest in your music. It's going to happen. Eventually, though, there will likely be some supporters who will be a good match for you, and the investment will just click.

But you'll never get there if you just stop after a few rejections. 

Add Embellishments, But Don't Lie

You do need to create a story with some interest. Don't be afraid to tell about your large aspirations, or to show confidence in your own abilities. 

Just don't actually lie. People will find out sooner or later, and usually, it's sooner. Everyone is seeking genuine connections with artists, and you want to give that to them!

Make it sound good. Add exciting details. Embellish, but don't push it too far. You likely have plenty of good material to use from your own life! If you can't think of an angle to use, try asking your close friends or family. They know you and likely have good suggestions. 

Contact Us

If you have already built up your music and story, and are ready to take your music career to the next level, please contact us! 

We want to help connect you with the art investment funds that will provide you the opportunity to stand out and have people take notice!

About the author:

Zane Colton has been studying music and working as an independent marketing consultant for the past 10 years. His work brings pillars of the online marketing world to a generation transitioning through the new music industry. His passion for helping people in all aspects of online marketing flows through in the free industry coverage he provides. In addition to writing for FAF, he works as a consultant to artists and influencers of all sizes, including some distributed by major labels.