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Camera Financing Tips

  How it Works  Today I'm gonna be talking about how you can actually get gear, the pieces of gear that you want, whether it's a camera body, it's a lens when you don't have all the money right away. This is usually a problem that you have when you're starting out. Mind you, if you think getting a good piece of gear, brand new camera or something like that is gonna make your videos better, it's really not. There's plenty of ways you can make your video better, learning more about lining, learning more about your camera, and it's settings when it comes time to upgrade that camera, there are a few ways you could do it when you...

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The New Playstation 5 (Honest Review)

  Design  It's PlayStation 5 time. So we only really get truly new consoles every couple of years. I don't know who decided that, but unlike you know, the PC world or smartphones where you get a new, incremental update every year, we really have to wait for a new console. And so when we finally do get that new console, we have big expectations for generational improvements. So welcome to the full review of Sony's new PlayStation 5. So we've all talked about this design. It's huge. It's an eye catcher. It feels very intentional to me, like it's supposed to feel like a new generation. They have this black and white motif going on throughout the whole thing,...

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