Music Marketing Strategy


Music Marketing 101


Music marketing does not work. If you're listening to those failed musician gurus on YouTube who are teaching you outdated beginner tactics that they themselves have never found success with. The biggest names in the music industry are already using what I call FAF music marketing, but they don't want you to know their secret sauce, because they're afraid that you would then become their competition. Now I work hand in hand with independent recording artists, producers, singer songwriters and bands with building their music based brand and businesses so that they can be heard, find adoring fans, and get paid from doing what they love to do most music. Now, I don't have to tell you that the market is saturated with music creators pushing their music, like it's 2015 with the same old played out strategies and techniques that give a mediocre results at best.

Music Marketing is Changing 

The issue is that the platforms and the audiences have been flooded with those outdated advanced techniques for so long now that it's become the new normal. See, the industry algorithm, as we'll call it is rapidly evolving. And that's why traditional music marketing doesn't work anymore. I was blind to this concept myself, when I first started thinking just having high quality music was going to be enough to make it as a producer or as an artist. And somehow it's going to bring me all the success and long term growth, which over the years, I've realized that most of us buy into that lie at first. All I gotta say is that ignorance is certainly bliss, until you need to see results.

Now let me ask you something. And I hope this doesn't offend you. So I apologize in advance if it kind of tweaks you the wrong way. But have you ever felt that the music industry is already oversaturated? And that there's no frickin way that you're ever going to be able to gain enough traction to do it as a career? Do you spend hours locked away making music and then feel guilty that your time is focused on creating, but that's damaging your relationships with friends and family? Have you ever obsessed on a project that you're so excited about? And then felt completely deflated? When you put it out there and quickly realized that all that work was for nothing? Because nobody was listening? Are you exhausted from sharing your dreams with people who doubt you or better yet tell you to be realistic? My favorite word. I bring those things up because I've dealt with those over the years myself. But with FAF music marketing, you're going to be heard build an adoring fan base and get paid, doing what you love to do with music.

Now it sounds simple enough, right? But how do we do this? Alright, so FAF music marketing is a modernized marketing framework that I developed, which will quickly transform you into a magnetic brand as I've spoken about in plenty of other videos. But let me break it down a little bit more. So it makes more sense. But before I do that, I want to share a quick little story with you.

Mindset Shift 

So like 10 years ago, my life changed. When I had a super vivid moment of clarity while staring at my phone right before bed, like a lot of us do. I realized that all the social media and online stuff that I'm talking about the videos and the photos, articles, and even ads that we see on every website and social app, were being shown to us on purpose, and weren't just some random guesses hit me like that, like so many others, we've been chasing the traffic chasing people online. But instead of chasing, if I could just step in front of the traffic that was already there, that the people would discover my content in the same way that I was discovering theirs, which I could then build an inbound marketing ecosystem around. This is when I began working on FAF music marketing framework, which for side note, I call it the FAF framework, if I ever refer to it as that this is the framework that pulls the attention in to you.

So let's talk about how you can get results fast with FAF music marketing, and exactly how you can get started right now. Now this is going to be a multi part blog series because I want to teach you a few different strategies and tactics that you'll be able to put together and really level up quickly for free.

Marketing Plan

Laying Out a Plan

Now, what we need to talk about here is the next step. Obviously what matters and so does what, right? Obviously traffic matters. So many times people are like, Oh, you can become successful without any previous experience with anybody you know, go on to social media, you don't need social media you don't need this you don't need that you're going to be a millionaire overnight. Like it doesn't work like this guys, and obviously, content matters. You guys aren't born yesterday. You don't need me you don't need YouTube for this. But the issue is if you have the traffic and the content, what matters next?

Three questions that you need to be able to answer as a marketer regardless of if you're doing this for music regardless of if you're doing this. Maybe you're a fitness influencer, makeup influencer, so forth. Maybe you have a tire shop for three main questions here. Where are you going to market?

Who Should Care About You.

Obviously, your product being your music, your content, all of that stuff combined.

Where Are They At. 

Where are being the social platforms, where being the geological areas, where are people hanging out? That would like to consume your content? Who are those people? A lot of times I see people that would say, Oh, my musics for everybody. It's not true. I wish it was, but it's not true. I say it all the time. Ed Sheeran, Drake, Barbra Streisand, all three very different audiences.

How Do I Do This.

Is a content marketing is an email marketing, what kind of content? What are you putting out into the world? What kind of music? Are you going to be able to get out there and how it's the vehicle in which we're delivering our message now, right? Here are three main questions that I get all the time via DMS and emails. And like I said, I want to go through this as quickly as possible. So you guys should be taking notes, because I need you guys to be able to answer this stuff. And I'm here to help you answer that. '

What Do You Want To Say 

Because obviously, we could post some videos, we could post some meme some photos. But what do you say for the context of that? What do you say in an email that's going out to five people? 500 people, 5000 people. But the third one, the third one is super important. How do you drive engagement? How do you drive engagement at them- Why are nobody liking my post on Instagram? Why is nobody leaving comments? Why is nobody sharing my stuff on tik tok? Why is nobody opening my emails? So driving engagement? super important. The stuff is, is all of the above that needs to be answered. If you want to have a sustainable career in music or anything for that matter. But music is what we're talking about here.

Obviously, traffic matters, but so does content, where to market, who to market to, how to market that music. What do you post? What do you say? How do you drive engagement? So many people are looking for a magic pill. That might be why you're on YouTube right now looking for that magic pill. What does the magic pill look like? A funnel right? All you need is one funnel. You're one funnel away from having a huge music career a huge successful business around what you're putting out, you know, you just need one funnel.

Struggling with Music Marketing

Why You Marketing Is Not Working

Where does the traffic come from? Well, I can just pay for ads. I just run people on Facebook ads. Somebody showed me how to do it on a YouTube video. Okay, so you're trying to make money. You're trying to get traffic. But last time I checked, people that are paying for ads aren't just magically getting a bunch of raving fans. When's the last time that you saw an ad on Instagram or Facebook? You're like, I just absolutely love everything. No, it's an annoyance. Ads do work. Don't get me wrong, ads have a place and a time. But without the brand without the foundation. Ads are just spending you trying to push people to Spotify. You're trying to push people maybe to your YouTube channel. But without that brand without that foundation, funnel, no traffic funnel messaging is not going to hit because you don't know how your audience needs to be talked to the paid ads, you're going to be spending x x x only getting x back. You need to be able to know your return be able to calculate your return. Well, maybe you have a launch plan. Maybe you go on YouTube,  this person that PR they have a whole launch plan on how I can launch a single on Spotify for the first time. Does that really work though? Because if everybody was following that plan, then everybody was be successful, right? But it doesn't work like that. Because this is just one element to all of these different magic pills because my issue with all of this what you need is not being taught what you need is not covered on YouTube. Because what you need is a system, not just one puzzle piece, You don't just need one puzzle piece, but that's what you're searching for. And that's the issue here.

You need a system. Otherwise, you're never gonna be able to build a brand, you're never gonna be able to build a business, you're never gonna be able to have a sustainable career in anything you do. A whole lot of people not to throw a football doesn't make them an NFL quarterback, a whole lot of people mow their lawn doesn't mean that they have a successful lawn care business. One puzzle piece is not enough, one funnel is not enough. Having some knowledge and Facebook ads, everybody has knowledge of Facebook ads now. target audience send money cost per click conversion, pretty straightforward, that doesn't drive an organic following. We need to be able to build with a system, all the different pieces.