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The Best Music Marketing Strategy For 2021

Breaking Down Paid Ads  Knowing how to run paid ads as an independent music artist is maybe one of the most valuable things you could do as most people think they have a higher promotion company. I'm breaking down the insider information that most people don't understand about music Marketing. Today we're going to talk about paid ads and why they work for independent music artists. And how many people can you reach with just five bucks a day, just five bucks, or $150 a month? And that's a budget that people can afford, okay, five bucks a day, to market your music, do it Come on, and you'd be surprised that you can do $5 a day. And that's...

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Music Marketing Strategy

  History  Music marketing does not work. If you're listening to those failed musician gurus on YouTube who are teaching you outdated beginner tactics that they themselves have never found success with. The biggest names in the music industry are already using what I call FAF music marketing, but they don't want you to know their secret sauce, because they're afraid that you would then become their competition. Now I work hand in hand with independent recording artists, producers, singer songwriters and bands with building their music based brand and businesses so that they can be heard, find adoring fans, and get paid from doing what they love to do most music. Now, I don't have to tell you that the market...

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