The Best Music Marketing Strategy For 2021

Paid Promotion

Breaking Down Paid Ads 

Knowing how to run paid ads as an independent music artist is maybe one of the most valuable things you could do as most people think they have a higher promotion company. I'm breaking down the insider information that most people don't understand about music Marketing. Today we're going to talk about paid ads and why they work for independent music artists. And how many people can you reach with just five bucks a day, just five bucks, or $150 a month? And that's a budget that people can afford, okay, five bucks a day, to market your music, do it Come on, and you'd be surprised that you can do $5 a day. And that's just the start. I'll also show you what you can do with $100 a day with targeted ads.

Why it Works 

Okay, now let's talk about first and foremost, why these ads work to gain your fans faster. Okay, with paid ads, you're targeting exactly who you want to target without wasting a single penny, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are so much money, because they collect data on people where they make their money as they allow companies and people to run ads to people, but they target them utilizing the data that they have collected. Okay, you're probably like how What do you mean? Well, data and all the things you do on a website, tell us everything about who you are and what you like, and everything like that age range, it tells us the kind of music that they like, tells us what their hobbies are, because it's the stuff that they search, and they talk about tells us even when they're awake and when they listen to music the most. And if they're the type of person that would purchase music or purchase items, it collects all this data.

With this data, you're able to target exactly who your fans would be, oh, it's a Drake fan of the age 22 to 24. In college. Everything can be completely targeted. They also like basketball, all of these things. Now, every time you spend money on an ad, you can target down from this, oh, these people might become a fan to focus on. Okay, I know that this right here is my exact fan base, I'm going to target them.

So even $5 it's as good as spending like $100 because you can target the exact family. If it's too broad of a spectrum. It's like a shotgun blast, which is like you're just scattered and you're only really gonna hit the target like this much when you have data collected. And you can target who your fan is, you can consistently hit the bullseye with less money and gain fans faster, easy. This is why paid ads and knowing how to run paid ads as an independent music artist is maybe one of the most valuable things you could do.

Advertising Company

Should You Hire a Promotion Company?

Most people think they have to hire a promotion company. Take that same money, take it 500 hours a day to give a proper Motor Company you could reach 10s and 10s 10s of 1000s of people with $500 on Facebook, imagine 50,000 people like this. Targeted hearing your music, you'll gain at least 1000 fans, one out of every 50 people Oh, come on, man, do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? Gee, I'm telling you all the secrets, I'm telling you the inside scoop.

Every time you're running ads for some Facebook and Instagram. Every time you spend money on the ad it goes and it collects more data on the people that you're running the ad to. And then Facebook and Instagram, it gets smarter takes the data that you've already chosen. And it niches it down even more. And it's like, okay, okay, people from 20 to 22 weren't listening. But a lot of people from 23 to 26 were listening. So it shifts the money into the 23 to 26 range because it knows that it's going to do more for you. With every dollar spent now on Facebook and Instagram and every other company, they want to make sure that you get results from your running ads. And you're like, Why? Why do they care? Do they get my money? Well, here's the thing, if you run ads, and you don't see results from the ads, you're not going to give them any more money for ads. it's in their best interest to make sure that you get the best results possible. That's why they have the software set up to spend the money as wisely as possible to make you as much money and fans back as possible. Because if you see the results of you gaining 1000 followers to spending $500 you're going to spend another $500 aren't you?

A big part of your music is marketing budget and doing your own Facebook ads. Force yourself to learn how to do Facebook and Instagram and YouTube ads. If you learn how to do paid ads yourself again, you won't ever have to pay promo companies promotion costs. Most companies don't even know how to run Facebook ads. I know they're just buying you fake things. Forget that. Spend your money and learn how to do Facebook ads, we will continue teaching you more about it. 

Facebook Ads Reach


 So I went to one of my Facebook business pages I'm looking at how we could we can reach for X amount of dollars. So let's do this. We'll start with this. We're gonna say for $5 you can reach every day new fans up to 330 new fans a day targeted. Okay. 330 people 330 imagine you having 330 new people hear your song every day for $5 think about that. $50 you can reach 3300 people $100 will do 6700 people a day, okay, and listen with this to $500 means that your music can get heard by 26,000 targeted people. Once you hit the $1,000 mark, look at that 50,000 people for $1,000 you know what it is and they're all targeted. So it's like you're targeting like 100 200 300,000 people because the right people hearing and seeing your ad hearing your music. 


For as little as $5 which is an affordable budget for even small new artists. You have been shown you how many people you can reach with $50 just 1500 people can reach with $100 and $250 on sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Now that you see that number you can go Okay, I'm stacking my money up I can reach this many people I'm gonna make sure this is the most amazing song I got right here and I'm gonna mark it I'm gonna make an ad for this and I make people love it and this how many people I can reach now again as many I want to gain this many fans pretty cool.